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ornament1 We are an International multicultural Church located in Oslo. We want to base our faith and our lifestyles in the Bible and in Biblical principles. All services in both Norwegian and English.

What we believe

ornament1 Livets Tabernakel is a Bible-based church. This means we want to base our faith and our lifestyles in the Bible and in Biblical principles. We therefore believe on the following fundamental truths…

Our history

ornament1 Read about our history from when it all started.

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Locations & times


Sundays 4:00 PM

Rolf Wickestrømsvei 15B
0484 Oslo


Wednesday 7:00 PM

Rolf Wickestrømsvei 15B
0484 Oslo


Fridays 7:00 PM

Griffenfeldtsgate 5
3001 Drammen

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What's new?

Read the daily word from the blog to Senior Pastor Goran Andreassen.

We now have service times in Oslo from 16:00 on Sundays.

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In M-Team you will get the chance to practice your ministry and get needful feedback on what areas you need to work on. You will have access to books and resources that will help you to develop in your ministry.

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03bc16_4965992bbee248caa9a3129158ace516We are a group of young people from various countries and backgrounds that meets every Friday for a time of worship, devotion and fellowship. Our mission is to revolutionize our generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and let the world know that it is still possible to live for God in our generation.

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We have several Home Friendships Groups that meet for teaching, prayer and fellowship on a weekly basis. One of the four pillars in the church of Acts was fellowship. We believe it is important to keep the fellowship. It is the glue that binds us all together. We have found that when we meet in the homes we get to be in a more intimate atmosphere that makes it easier to come closer and getting to know one another.

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We are a team passionate about seeing people enter the Holy of Holies and worshipping our Heavenly Father in one accord.
Our aim is to usher people into God´s presence so that we can give him a pleasing sacrifice of praise.

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Our church performs outreach in the community in order to spread God”s word. As a people on the forefront of evangelism, we follow the pastor”s vision that the church should possess great insight in reaching people of all races, cultures and backgrounds. We do this by being involved with prayer walks, passing out tracks on the streets, door knocking, outdoor concerts (when the weather allows!), without forgetting visiting nursing homes.

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Children are able to trust in the Lord when they are young (Psalm 71:5) and can be mightily used by God (Psalm 8:2). Therefore, God expects us to prepare our children to know their Creator when they are young (Ecclesiastes 12:1). We believe that even though the Bible is full of interesting stories, it is not a story book but a book of life principles.

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We support missions in our church in several ways. First of all, we support our own missionary to Ghana. Our own Assistant Pastor Samuel Agbeve moved to Ghana with his family in 2006 and «commutes» regularly to Norway, where he still has a job. With our Church support, he is able to support a full-time evangelist in Ghana who travels between the cities of Kpando, Anyirawase, Ho and Tema. Brother Sam is overseeing the churches in three of these cities.

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We are strong believers that God is still using the ministry of prayer to revive and renew His church. The prayer ministry team in our church has committed itself to praying for people in and out of our church who are hurting; and they also pray for the various personal needs of our members. This group is a team of men and women who have strong personal prayer lives and a love for God and people.

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